Tuesday, June 26

Good Reasons to Ride the Bus

Over the month of June I've been chronicling my shift to being a regular three-days-a-week bus rider. I thought an update on the benefits would be good:

  • I arrive at work happier and less stressed out.
  • I am going to the gas station about half as often.
  • I am catching up on my reading.
  • Since my riding plan includes an hour walk, I am finally back in a regular exercise habit.
  • It's probably a combination of the walk, less stress, and having to eat what I bring for lunch, but I've lost at least 2 inches off my waist in the last three weeks.
  • I am spending less money. I know this because I take out $80 in cash on Fridays (usually), and the last time I went to the ATM, I took out $60 and I still have cash in my pocket 10 days later.
  • I know of two friends who have tried riding this month because they see me riding.
  • I am having fun challenging my creativity.
  • I feel more connected to my neighborhoods and my environment.


Ethan said...

Great! I find simmilar benefits riding my bike to work - happier, lessed streesed out, in better shape, and more $ in my wallet (or none because I don't usually need it on my commute). I, too, feel more connected to the world and to the city as I pedal at a reasonable pace past it.

P~ said...

Bravo Anne! I think it is so great that you have been able to regularly ride the bus. I don't have that option, but am only 5.5 mi. from work so before I went on this vacation I had been riding my bike. I found a lot of similar benefits with the exception of course of reading, haven't figured that one out yet.
Good Post! It's good to remind ourselves what we have gained from our lifestyle modifications.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

One of my favorite parts of city living was riding the bus! I loved having that option. Great time to relax or read.

Gilbert said...

I know I'm a little belated here, but I love riding the bus too! I go to college and do homework on the bus. I also meet a lot of people I normally would not meet.

- BG from

Russ said...

My experience with riding the bus amounts to drivers that look at you and don't stop - they just keep right on going by. Then when you actually get on the bus (finally) they tell you that "this route is slow, not many people ride." NO FOOLIN'! If you don't stop, it cuts down on ridership. It's much harder to get on a bus going 50 mph.

Also, if you are riding on a bus, the crazy people think it is basically an unspoken invitation to talk to you. OMFG! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I'm on the bus, so OBVIOUSLY things aren't going so swell - for either of us. I don't need to hear all about your hamster!

People drive cars because the busses are frustrating loonie bins.

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