Thursday, March 15

Driving Journal Update

I recorded my initial thinking about a driving journal here. My basic conclusion was that, on average, over the time I've owned my car, I've driven an average of 267 miles per week.

Last night I found an oil change sticker in my car. It said that my next oil change was due on 9/15/06, or at 10,338 miles.

Which means that on 6/15/06, my mileage in the car was 7338.

Today is 3/15/07, 9 months later, and my odometer is at 15800. So I've actually driven 8492 miles in the last 9 months, or 907 miles per month and 213 miles per week (using 4.25 weeks/month). That's a pace that leads to 11000 miles per year. Not outstanding, but hey, better than the 15000 miles per year I thought I was driving.

Speaking of which, I did some poking around on the carbon footprint calculator at and my car emits .45 tons of carbon for every 1000 miles I drive.

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