Wednesday, March 21


EPA carbon calculator
Small House Society

No Impact Man - a family in New York City chronicles trying to live without a carbon footprint.
Space heater in a ceiling fan (available at HD and Lowe's)

David Suzuki interview at Treehugger
Worldchanging articles and resources for greener living world-wide.

Transportation Alternatives advocates for walking, cycling and environmentally sustainable transportation
Installing a ceiling fan (Includes installing a junction box)

Hotel with not-so-big rooms: Hotel Oregon
Bill McKibben interview on the kinds of communities we need to build (New book:Deep Economy)
Carbon Diet - Lifestyle calculator and a 30-day plan to cut your emissions by 5,000 lbs.

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NotSoBigLiving is the story of a woman inspired by Sarah Susanka, Bill McKibben, Airstreams, Tumbleweed houses, Mennonites, Jimmy Carter, hippies, survivalists, Anasazi, Pema Chodron and Joko Beck, Scott Peck, Buckminster Fuller, and Al Gore to see what she can do to reduce her carbon footprint in her mid-80's suburban townhome. Strategies include roommates, alternative travel, organic eating, planting a victory garden, mindfulness, and a belly full of laughter.