Saturday, March 17

Driving Journal: Week Two

Miles driven this week: 152
Total miles: 287
(8000 miles/52 weeks = 153 mi/week)

Commuting: 72 (47% - 5 days)
Fun: 49 (32%)
Church: 0
Classes: 7 (5%)
Errands: 8 (5%)
Health: 16 (11%)
Other: 0

Less avoiding driving this week. This is a more normal week for me. But I think as the week wore on, I started getting more creative about replacing some of the miles. That's why the posts about the bus and the bike.

I had a bit of a shock when I filled up my gas tank last Sunday. I got 22.3 mpg on the last tank. I used to drive a car that got 33 to 40 mpg, and I thought when I got this one the mileage wouldn't be all that different. But 34% less is a lot. Of course, as noted in this post, I used to drive a whole lot more. But I think the reality is, I used a gallon of gas a day in each car.

Still, my goal is to cut my driving to less than 8000 miles this year, without unduly imposing on others to do it, so that I can get my carbon footprint down to smaller than average. So far I'm on pace for that.

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