Friday, March 9

Driving Journal: Week One

Miles driven this week: 135
Total miles: 135
(8000 miles/52 weeks = 153 mi/week)

Commuting miles: 57 (42% - 4 days)
Fun: 22
Church: 52
Other miles: 4

Score one for the effort of paying attention. I know if I hadn't been writing down miles I would have driven more this week. I think I skipped four trips:

  1. A friend was picking me up from work for Tuesday dinner and I knew we'd end up at my house. That either meant we'd have to handle two cars or I could get a ride to work. So I got a ride to work.
  2. A grocery-shopping trip I planned to make after I stopped at the house. Instead I stopped at a store along the way home.
  3. One day I left my packed lunch on the counter at home. Instead of running out for something to eat, I got the okay to work from home for the afternoon. Yay! Hot minestrone soup and cheesy bread!
  4. I felt the impulse to go get a pizza or something for dinner on Thursday, but when I thought about writing the trip down, I looked in the fridge and got creative out of what was there.
There were two trips where I pushed my driving expenses onto someone else; the drive to dinner Tuesday, and I rode into Boulder to see my chiropractor with my roommate who sees the same chiropractor. No biggie, unless I get in the habit of always asking others to drive (which I won't! ;-) )

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