Friday, March 23

Driving Journal: Week Three

Miles driven this week: 131
Total miles: 418
(8000 miles/52 weeks = 153 mi/week)
(3 x 153 = 459)

Commuting: 61 (40% - 4 full days, two days the return trip was combined with errands)
Fun: 27 (18%)
Church: 0
Classes: 5 (3%)
Errands: 22 (14%)
Health: 16 (11%)
Other: 0

Kind of a blah week this week. I didn't try to avoid driving, but I also didn't skip surprise activities that added more miles. I did go for a bike ride last weekend instead of driving to ice cream. I am intrigued by the idea of blending my travel options so that I exceed an average of 40 miles per gallon of gas while keeping my current 22 mpg car.

Update: I filled my tank on Sunday and I got 23.8 mpg over this two-week period. My changes were to look for places to avoid idling, like approaching red lights slowly so they'd change; to drive modestly (my mantra on my commute has been "no need to speed"); and to be aware of taking excess weight out of the car as soon as possible (like that bag of compost). That's all inspired by this article in Mother Jones. I'm considering removing the cross-braces on my roof rack and taking out my spare tire when I'm driving less than 30 miles from home... since that's how far my auto club will tow me. ;-)

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