Friday, March 30

Driving Journal: Week Four

Miles driven this week: 57
Total miles: 475
(8000 miles/52 weeks = 153 mi/week)
(3 x 153 = 612)

And that, my friends, is what a week with the flu looks like. I'm not going to break this up into categories... I commuted for two days, spent two days in bed, and finally got up to go see the chiropractor and visit the grocery store this afternoon.

I did notice that I packed as many errands as possible around the trip to the chiropractor: the greenhouse, the hardware store, dropping a bike off at the totally cool Community Cycles project, scooter shopping, a new tag for the cat, dinner, the grocery store, and then finally, home. All in a trip that was the same number of miles as my usual chiropractor run.

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