Thursday, March 15


Rocky Mountain News Article on green homes
HGTV article on Spring Cleaning for HVAC
Climate Action Days at the Colorado School of Mines
Ask Mr. Electricity on saving electricity
Energy Diet blog at National Geographic
Track CFL changes and see the difference you're making
NPR story on CAFE standards and US fuel economy
NYT story on a carbon diet
Energy Diet 1 -- the green guide
Energy Diet 2 -- the green guide
Energy Diet 3 -- the green guide
Energy Diet 4 -- the green guide
Energy Diet 5 -- the green guide
Mother Jones article on Hypermileing (Jan/Feb 2007)
Tips on car efficiency from the Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency
Calculate your car's carbon footprint based on your mileage (Or multiply the gallons of gas you used by 19.564 pounds)

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