Friday, April 13

Batteries update + Doing the Math

The rechargeable batteries I put in my camera continue to hold up well. They've reached the performance I've been getting from my alkalines. So, I would say the first charge is satisfactory.

The rechargeable batteries I got are $11.83 at That's $3 per battery.
The Kirkland batteries I'm replacing are for sale at eBay for $64.95. That's for 192 batteries, which is 33 cents a battery. And that's in the range of these.

So, on price, I need each of the 4 batteries I got to have a satisfying 8.73 charges. Or, if I don't want to work that hard at keeping track of which batteries I'm using today, keeping track of the next 18 uses (in pairs).

I think on environmental aspects, a 2 charge threshold makes sense.

Energizer says these batteries will take 500 charges. That works out to $0.006 or of a penny for each use. Oh heck. Let's round up to a penny apiece in case we lose a battery or two. Or even round up to $.10 each for all the things that happen to stuff.

That means that each of my rechargeables could be used 30 times and cost only $.10 apiece. And they could be used an order of magnitude more.

This reminds me of the exhortation to replace the 5 most frequently used incandescents in my home to fluorescents. What are the five things I change the batteries most in?

  • Camera
  • Toys
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse
  • Flashlight
  • Remotes
Hmm. A recharging station for my remotes would actually give us a place we all expect to store and find them....

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