Tuesday, April 3

Blow or Show?

I got the idea, looking at the 3+ boxes of facial tissue I went through last week, that perhaps it is time to experiment with handkerchiefs. Without going into all the details of all my nose-blowing habits (can you say "allergic rhinitis"? I knew you could!), I do seem to be the kind of person who could benefit from using a handkerchief during the day and tossing it into the dirty laundry at night and selecting a new one in the morning with my underwear.

So I went handkerchief shopping. I have memories of running across them in the past... they'd be hanging out by the ties in the men's section of the department store. But the department store I visited didn't carry them. I tried using a bandanna from a craft store, but it was too rough and too big to stuff in my pocket. A friend of mine suggested looking at a Men's Warehouse. So last night I was walking from the restaurant where I had dinner to the office supply store to get some garden planning materials and I looked up and realized I was walking by a Men's Warehouse. I walked in, scouted out the tie section, didn't see anything and wondered whether handkerchiefs were so far gone from our psyche that they aren't stocked even here... when a guy behind the registers asked if he could help me find anything. I said, "handkerchiefs" and he said, "Show or Blow?" Which was a really cool way of saying they are still pretty common, but there are two kinds.

So I got myself a baker's dozen for a buck apiece, and we'll see how this goes. At least I know no old-growth forests are being cut down so I can wipe my nose this week.


I have been mulling over that couplet from "The Night Before Christmas":

Ma in her kerchief, and I in my cap,
had just settled down for a long winter's nap
and that got me to wondering what a "kerchief" was to have this common use... here's the Wikipedia link for those of you whose minds wander like mine. ;-)


Crunchy Chicken said...

Yikes. I'm at the tail end of a head cold and I couldn't even imagine not having my 6 Kleenex boxes stationed around the house.

Susanna Donato said...

Nice blog! For a cold it's one thing - we always use tissues for sicky germs. But a few years ago I made my husband (a major nose blower) a batch of about a dozen handkerchiefs out of natural-colored flannel. They are awesome - no leaks (ew), just as good now as they were then. I just cut squares of flannel about 7-8" square, then did a zigzag stitch around the edges. Very easy if you have a sewing machine ... I've been thinking about making or buying more.

Anne said...

I agree. Throw the germs away. I have been trying to figure out whether the landfill, the compost heap, or the fireplace is the best destination though.

Speaking of flannel, I found this stuff yesterday: http://pacificcoast.net/%7Emanymoons/flannel.html

I'm thinking about making and tie-dying my own.

Susanna said...

Ha, the flannel was left over from my project making a copy of Glad Rags. I just busted them out again from where they'd become buried in a closet (some 'authentic' and some homemade). I have a laundry sink and a perfect strainer pot to store them in.

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