Wednesday, April 11

Cool Tool!

Well, I went out to my utility company's website to grab the link for their fluorescent bulb supplier and I found the tool instead. This tool allows you to set up an account, enter in info from your bills and your house and get a report on how you're doing compared to average.
I feel like I'm doing pretty well. Of course, I really wish that my current use *was* average and then we'd be in a bit less trouble. But anyway.
I have some complaints about their suggestions and the tools they've built to make suggestions. For example, if you go to the fridge info, they don't have that sun king from the energy star list as an option. For heat, they don't let you compare ways of heating your house (steam vs forced air, for example). And there aren't any options for seeing what solar might do.
But it's brightly colored, interactive, reasonably responsive and so it's one of those "fun" tools for me. I still wish there was a tool where they'd let you print karma certificates though...

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