Tuesday, April 10

Things that need reusing

I'm at the point where I'm frustrated with having to recycle (i.e. melt down and re-form) items without getting to use them again. My current list of things that need re-using includes:

  • packages from spiral fluorescent bulbs (Some non-profit could buy the bulbs in bulk and use donated packaging to sell them as a fund raiser.)
  • All glass jars, but especially ones from jelly and spaghetti sauce
  • newspaper
  • cereal boxes and other light cardboard
  • photos from magazines and calendars
  • "worn out" clothes. (Does anyone really wear clothes out any more??)
  • Soda cans
  • Fleece -- ubiquitous, durable, and a petroleum product. Someone should start a "national fleece repository" that pays a bounty for fleece turned in and sells the fleece to people who will re-use it. Blankets become jackets, become vests, become hats, become gloves, become baby booties.
  • Shopping bags. We have enough of these to last us until eternity... but what about crocheting bags into netting bags for shopping or hammocks or cargo nets for trucks?
  • Wine bottles -- it's so easy to turn these into glasses... we need Crate and Barrel to release a line of re-used wine-bottle glasses and make this cool.


Caroline said...

Suggestions for some things that can be re-used:

Fleece blankets could be donated to no-kill shelters, to be used as blankets/beds for the animals.

There may be someone (local? Maybe check local arty/gift shops or etsy) who can take the wine bottles and turn them into glasses.

As far as jelly and spaghetti sauce - you could try buying local (from people who can it themselves) and returning the jars to them when they are empty. They'd have to be "regular" canning jars for this. I make jams & pickles and my family has gotten very good about returning the jars to me when empty (if they want more next year!) Check localharvest.org for local producers.

Hope this helps a little or at least gives you some ideas.

katie said...

Patagonia has a recycle old clothes/fleece gig.

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