Monday, April 30

Something Else that Needs to be Reused: Plastic Bottles

I've started a war on plastic bottles. Basically my strategy is to re-fill every plastic bottle in my life with the same product that originally came in it. However, there are very few manufacturers, even of green products, that make this easy. Whole Foods does get the bulk bottles of Dr. Bronner's soaps and offers refilling stations in their stores, but there aren't any Burt's Bees or Natural Organics or Zum refills available.

So my latest idea is to brew my own.

I'm looking at taking the Baby/Mild version of liquid Dr. Bronner's because it is unscented, biodegradable and available in large quantities. I'm thinking a gallon might do us fine for a year.

Next, I want to add fragrance oils to match the soaps we're using. That means lavender in the kitchen, frankincense and myrrh in the powder room, and grapefruit and ginger in the bathroom.
The dirt scent is interesting too... maybe I'll take that camping when my almond soap runs out...

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