Monday, April 9


Pods I like

A couple of years ago it ended up that Dwell and ReadyMade did issues on modular or small housing just about at the same time. These are links from those articles and other related things I've found:

  • Blazona: 100 sq ft modern module for living, office, studio, or guests.
  • The Pod: These cardboard houses came from Icosa Village, which doesn't seem to have a web presence right now. I'm linking to the WorldChanging story on them.
  • Tiny House on Wheels: Building a tiny house on wheels allows one to register it as a trailer. Here's a video tour of one such house, the woman who built it, and an entertaining visit to a new-built home neighborhood.
  • fabprefab: modern prefab houses (have a list of tiny houses under OtherFab)
Re-used newsprint

One question I'm starting to ask a lot is, "How can I re-use this before I take it to the recycling yard?" And in particular I'm looking at stacks of newspaper and thinking that.

Today I found these clever pencils that re-use British papers:

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