Friday, April 27

Rechargable Batteries, post #3

Hmm... Nintendo is making rechargeable controllers to replace the ones that come with the Wii.

.... rechargeable batteries ....
...*in* ....
... the standard controller!
.... Brilliant!


Tried this last night. It works just fine to power both the rumble pack and the built-in speaker. I had a fine time bowling and playing golf with a friend of mine for an hour or so and the battery level still shows full.

I'm sold on these batteries. Have I said that already? What I don't get is why companies go to such an effort to hide them. At Home Depot, they're on one side of one of the register endcaps. That's in contrast to at least a dozen displays of the consumable kind.

At Circuit City, batteries are on a kiosk tree, and the rechargeable ones are all hidden on the side that faces the wall. And then access is blocked on one side by a sign. It's a really clear sign that these companies make a bunch of money off battery purchases and they're not interested in promoting alternatives.

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