Tuesday, April 24


A FastCompany paean to the CFL (Change some bulbs, change the world)
And here are the Walmart CFLs (Yeah... union-busting, sub-poverty pay for full-time work, replacement of home-grown stores in towns across the US... but also solar generation on every roof! A campaign to replace 180 million incandescents with CFLs...and 12 packs of the 13w bulbs for $18.)
Atmosfair Another carbon-offset program. Places the cost of offsetting air travel higher than TerraPass or CarbonCounter and uses the funds to provide solar cookers in India.
Looking for information on the next home improvement project to undertake? James Dulley bottom-lines-it for nearly two hundred of projects in his on-line archive. He's also gotten his 3,000 square foot Ohio home's utilities bills down to an average of less than $55 per month.

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P~ said...

I have CFL's, just switched the whole house over in one month. a LOT ot bulbs. We love them and like the light they give off even more. Our house hold seems to be right about where you are, exploring and learning about reducing impact. I laughed when I read what you said about Wal-Mart, I blogged on them last weekend.

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