Tuesday, May 22

Dim-able CFLs

Hi all - back from Vegas and full of lofty thoughts. I'm working on writing about that, but I'm gonna focus on the practical to get grounded again.

I finally found some dim-able screw-in CFLs, though not at Lowe's, Ace, Home Depot, Wal-mart, or the family owned hardware store in Boulder. I got them from Amazon. This is listed as an 8-pack, it comes as 4 two packs, though lovingly packed. I put five of them in my dim-able hanging lamp and they work pretty darn well. They come on at the same point the incandescents do. They do hum if not turned all the way up, but that's a good reminder to ask myself whether I'm ready to turn the light all the way off. Four more bulbs and a fixture to change on the main floor and then it will be incandescent-free.

I think my next culprit is the fridge. The meter out back runs twice as fast on an 80-degree day with the fridge running than it does without. Plus, when I put my hand in the center of the freezer door it is notably cooler than the air around it which means insulation would help.

I will be getting my first delivery of food from Coastalfields this week. Looks like they have mostly greens right now. I used to enjoy early carrot and radish greens from a friend's garden plot, so I'm looking forward to discovering what's in the box when it gets here.


monkey said...

glad to see you landed safely (so to speak) ^,^

P~ said...

Welcome Back, Win Big? ;-) looking forward to your *Lofty* ideas!

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