Thursday, May 3

Y'all are quiet.

So, according to my Google Analytics account, there are about 60 folks who visit here per day, and more than half of you visit regularly. Most of you ended up here through No Impact Man, although more and more of you come directly here or through your account or another bookmark keeping program.

You may have noticed my "neighbors" bar... if you keep a blog on your efforts to reduce your carbon impact, I'd love to add you. Say 'hi' in the comments!


P~ said...

Well Anne, I do keep a blog thatI started earlier this year, though not with quite so many readers as that yet. I deal with a lot of things. reducing my impact is just one of them. Overall I like to try to focus on the possibilities in life, and the things that bring me joy. All too often I think we focus more on what is wrong or can't be done than what is good and is possible. I read your blog pretty much daily and would love you have your input on mine. I try to make sure I comment when I do have an opinion on something since as a blogger myself, I enjoy reading the few comments that I receive

Anne said...

Happy Birthday ~P!

P~ said...

Thank you, and thanks for the link. I'll be adding you as well.

kelley said...

hi! i haven't been around too many times, but i do blog about sustainability issues, too.

Tirzah said...

I have just found you. My blog isn't about my carbon impact, but I am just learning about all of the things I can do to improve my ways!! It is awesome to find so many people with such great information to help me on my path!!! Thanks!

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