Wednesday, May 23

A tale of four lamps

I got my Kill-A-Watt meter in the mail on Monday and finally had a chance to test it out tonight. I took pictures of four lighting combinations in my bedroom.

The first is my florescent nightstand lamp

That's 18 watts, which means that it takes about 55 hours of continuous usage to use one kilowatt hour of electricity. (The units my bill is counted in.)

The second is my full-spectrum SAD light

59 watts. This seems to be an incandescent, despite the lack of that word on the packaging. (It just said it would last longer than regular bulbs.) 17 hours to burn a kilowatt hour.

The third is the two of them running together

A not-too-surprising 80 watts for 12.5 hours per kilowatt hour.

And the final entry

Clocking in at 220 watts (this is exactly the same setting as the other photos), my halogen torchiere. It takes a mere 4.5 hours to clock a kilowatt hour with this baby.

Suddenly my $20 lamp doesn't seem so cheap. ;-)

I am watching the meter while posting this and my computer is using 150 watts without the hard drive and 175 with the hard drive. My halogen seems like a total energy hog!

I was also watching the watts setting on the stationary bike this morning. Apparently I can run a 22 watt device off my pedaling. This may be why my dad was never enthusiastic about wiring the TV to an exercise bike...


P~ said...

I have been wanting to use one of these. I have a neighbor that has one that I could probably borrow. I checked my electric bill the other night out of curiosity, and I believe I adveraged about 26-27 KWh/day for I believe 770KWh/month this is for a 2670sqFt home. I believe this is below the national average, but not very significantly. I really would like to start making my next round of changes to reduce it even further. I like to read your report card day posts, it's a good way of presenting it.

Anne said...

Thanks p~. There's another one around the corner and we'll see what the results look like with the heat off for most of this month. ;-)

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