Thursday, May 10

New book!

Usually when I post an interesting book I haven't read, I put it under a links heading. But Sarah Susanka's new book, the not so big life, is getting a post.

One reason is that her very first book -- The Not So Big House -- inspired me over a decade ago to put how I am living under a microscope. It challenged me to focus on the things about homes that increase comfort and to see houses as places for people and not as status symbols. So there's the tribute factor.

A second reason is that there is an excellent blog by Susanka which links to resources to be used while reading the book and to a Community section which allows the reader to discuss the book, real time, with other readers. And I do think exploring new ways of making reading materials part of a larger conversation is worth observing.

The third reason is that I am excited about reading this. I have gotten frustrated with the Not So Big line, and in a larger sense Taunton, because they produce lucious books of homes you could have if you have the resources to get an architect and a flock of workers to build or remake your property. Early indications are that this book is a break from that (interview and excerpt here), and is more about taking the idea of breaking down your life -- including your house -- and figuring out what works.

I have the book on my library list and I'll let you know what I think when I get to it.

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