Monday, May 14

My 2 favorite shopping bags

I've gotten both of my favorite shopping bags at my local natural foods store (Vitamin Cottage) but they're available on-line too. Not as cheap as re-using plastic or using up canvas bags, but these bags have their benefits too:

The Chico Bag: Made by a company in Chico, CA, these bags are woven nylon and tuck into remarkably small places. They have their own pocket which makes them smaller than a fist and still squeezable. I can keep one of these in my shoulder bag for those impulse purchases at the book store, garage sales, and sidewalk sales. These are $5 each at their on-line shop.

1BagAtATime: These bags combine the best features of the paper bag and the plastic bag. They are square-bottomed, stand up on their own, and have handles. I carried two large bottles of laundry soap in one of these and it was comfortable in my hand. These are $2 each, with a minimum order of 10, at their on-line shop.

I've gotten both of these bags with the logo of the grocery store printed on them, so they have some way to arrange custom printing for stores and organizations.

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Tirzah said...

I am just starting into the world of no paper or plastic bags! Thanks for the links. I especially love the ChicoBag!!

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