Thursday, May 24


Popular Mechanics article on what's keeping wind power in the US from reaching the proportions of European generation and how to fix that.

Colorado Matters (a locally-originated public radio program) reports on why Tri-state, an electricity provider for rural Colorado is planning to build just one coal plant instead of their original three. (Link will launch a .wmf file.)

Colorado Matters reports on Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems building their first US plant in Weld county, Colorado. (Link will launch a .wmf file.)

Arkel-OD pannier hook system These folks sell a pair of their pannier hooks for $40. I'll be retro-fitting a pair of "grocery bag" pannier bags which -- between the length of my chainstay and that I use toe-clips on my utility bike -- I've been kicking when I ride.

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Marianna said...

Love the link on the Windsor plant. My dad is a long-haul trucker (I know not exactly environmentally friendly, but...) and his company is providing the towers for the turbines.

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