Friday, May 4

Quote of the day

"The single most effective way of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions would be full social-cost pricing of fossil fuel," said Dr. Rees. "The price we pay for a litre of gasoline or a cubic meter of natural gas should reflect the cost of the damage caused by the use of that material. . . . if we were to do that, we would be paying $3 to $6 a litre for gasoline."

- Dr. William Rees, an environmental economist at the University of B.C. and the inventor of the ecological footprint, a tool used worldwide to measure human impact on the environment.

1 liter = .264 gallons
1 gallon = 3.788 liters
$/gallon = 3.788 * 3 = $11.364/gal
$/gallon max = 3.788 * 6 = $22.728/gal

This may be Canadian dollars, so using the universal currency converter (As of May 4, 2007):

1 Canadian dollar = .903710 US dollars

CA$11.364/gal * .903710 = $10.27/gallon (USD)
CA$22.728/gal * .903710 = $20.54/gallon (USD)

Hmm... $10 to $20 a gallon in real costs that we're mostly paying in other ways...

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