Tuesday, May 8

Forbes: It's not so bad

Since I read about the International Report on Climate Change is last week -- the one that summarized our options as Mitigation, Adaptation, and Suffering -- I've been thinking about Vice President's Cheney's comment on global warming last February:

You can't shut down the world economy in the name of trying to eliminate greenhouse gases.
--Vice President Richard Cheney, Feb. 23, 2007
Today, Forbes is running an article from Oxford Analytica which summarizes the conclusion of Working Group 3 (WG3):
The report finds that overall costs will be relatively modest.
Now, I believe that the article today is on the same report as last weeks, and I believe today's conclusions come from a sub-group of the group that released the previous report, so the interesting point is that Forbes ran this. Perhaps with the business media beginning to pay attention to the costs and required changes in practices, we can get some traction.

Also interesting was today's New York Times article on how some Native American tribes are producing income from tribal lands by re-planting the forests that historically grew there.

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