Wednesday, May 9

Four More Links

I really am kicking around a content post for today... but the things that are grabbing my heart and mind aren't settling down into coherent thoughts easily. And it doesn't help that I've come across four mind-expanding sites in the last 24 hours. So, in case I don't get something of my own posted today, the following sites may provide some grist for you:

Coastalfield Farms and Ranch -- Looks to be a local version of the Polyface farm in The Omnivore's Dilemma, although without the meat. Perhaps a local installation of the Bountiful Gardens ideas. They say they've opted out of the organic labeling because USDA oversight requires them to be too disconnected from the land. Many branches on their site with content to provoke thought.

Thomas J. Elpel's Hollowtop portal connects a multi-faceted set of sites about modern, non-Anabaptist, primitive living. For example, the Green University -- "Our Mission: to change the world."

The Home Energy Saver no-regrets remodeling site seems to be the kind of thing I like from the government... lots of links to resources and reports in a clean, but simple format without a lot of corporate fingerprints. Very thought-provoking for someone in an existing home.

And finally, CitizenRe's ReNU program. Basically a program where you agree to host and care for a solar system and to buy the power from it. There's a back-side to the story though, which you can find out by searching for terms. The company is also attempting to address the back-side story by being transparent and available, so it's a very interesting horse-race. I signed up for more info on the program, so expect future posts on my experiences with them.

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